Paracetamol - Hoodoo Zephyr

Garden of Dreams - Hoodoo Zephyr

Dihydrocodeine - Hoodoo Zephyr

Tryin’ to get by - Hoodoo Zephyr

Shelter - Hoodoo Zephyr

Breaking Point - Hoodoo Zephyr

Mirror on the Metro - Hoodoo Zephyr

Girl Outside - G Sharp

The Weekender - G Sharp

Speculation - G Sharp

Mobile Recording.

Need a demo cd? Want to record an album? All our equipment is portable, so we can record you almost anywhere. Awkward places may require longer setup time, but as we don't charge you for that there's no need for clock watching.

Get your demo, EP or full album recorded in your usual practice space.

Professional quality sound.

Recording in a less than ideal environment is tricky, but it's certainly not impossible. We've achieved astonishing results from recordings done in back bedrooms, it's just a matter of technique, and working around the issues. 

On the right are examples of recordings, mixing and mastering. All tracks were recorded in suboptimal conditions;  mostly in various kitchens, bedrooms and music rooms, none of them were recorded in an actual studio.

Contact us and ask to hear some more examples if you're sceptical.