Shelter- Hoodoo Zephyr

Paracetamol - Hoodoo Zephyr

Breaking Point - Hoodoo Zephyr

The Myth Of Lemuria - K.  Murray

Breaking  Outtakes - Hoodoo Zephyr

The Moonshinin’ Boys, Keep Smiling

Songbook - G Sharp. Promo video for Beat Buddy Kajon.

Donald Medley  (Parody) - Hoodoo Zephyr

Video Production

What We Do:

All the full HD videos on this page were created for clients to their specifications.

The Hoodoo Zephyr music videos were filmed on location, the music was recorded, mixed and mastered by us before being added to the finished videos.

The Lemuria video was a mixture of the client's stills and our location filming, audio track also recorded and added by us.

Whether it's an instructional video for staff training, a documentary, a music video for a press pack, or a corporate video to attract new clients, we can help.

Contact us with your video ideas, and get a quote!