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Video Production

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Whether it's an instructional video for staff training, a documentary, a music video for a press pack, or a corporate video to attract new clients, we can help.

Full HD video, created from your raw footage and audio, or filmed on location by us. Audio recorded seperately.

Music Video Example:

Hoodoo Zephyr: 'Shelter', filmed on location in the wilds of NE Scotland, 2014.

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Voiceover Work

Voiceover for training materials. Audio for powerpoint presentations, video documentary etc.
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Music Composition

Original composition background music for video, powerpoint etc.
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Mobile Recording

As musicians ourselves, we've spent a long time playing in bands; gigging relentlessly and saving up money to put towards producing a CD. We've paid through the nose for studio time, and had disappointing results. There is another way.

Rawr Audio can professionally record any kind of music, in almost all environments. We believe that the more comfortable a performer is, the better they will perform.

Our aim is to take the studio to the performers, saving time and money for all.

Once we've recorded your sound, the tracks can then be mixed and mastered by us until they are exactly as you want them, keeping you in the loop at all times. So before you drag your band and all your equipment to a studio, consider the alternative.

Whether you're a solo musician, a 5 piece rock band or a small acapella choir made up of grey aliens with a collective hive mind, drop us an email and we'll let you know how we can help.
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For a rough estimate of the cost of all our services, see the pricelist.

Meet Geoff.

Geoff Sharp

Geoff Sharp:

Owner, Proprieter, Chief Sound Engineer, musician, band member (Hoodoo Zephyr), solo artist (GSharpOnline) and all-round-good-orange-dinosaur-egg.